Florida’s uninsured children

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General Note:

Details may not sum to totals and percents because of rounding. The percents were calculated before any rounding occurred. Rounding error will be more prominent for small counties.

Explanation of Column Headers:

  1. A margin of error (MOE) is the difference between an estimate and its upper or lower confidence bounds. Confidence bounds can be created by adding themargin of error to the estimate (for an upper bound) and subtracting the margin of error from the estimate (for a lower bound). All published margins of error for the Small Area Health Insurance Estimates program are based on a 90 percent confidence level.
  2. The number in a demographic group is the number of people in the poverty universe in that age, sex, and race/Hispanic origin group.

Data Sponsored By: U.S. Census Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Data Source: SAHIE//State and County by Demographic and Income Characteristics/2009

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